(& co)

the dirtbagz are my main group of ocs!

it includes JACKAL, RASCAL, DAZ, and RAY!! they are all besties, but JACKAL and RASCAL have known each other the longest and are the closest. LOLLIE is a friend of the group- she tags along on their adventures sometimes.

JACKAL: he's my main oc!! he's like half sona half oc, he's a piece of me that i fleshed out and created into a new Guy.

RASCAL: j-man's second in command. been jackal's best friend since childhood because they start shit together

DAZ: stereotypical cartoon teenager. always got headphones on, smokes, makes sly comments, the whole package. named daisy, but daz is cooler so they're daz to anyone they care to keep around

RAY: COOL GUY. a chill stoner, unless you try to start shit with him or his friends, in which case you shall soon call the hospital your home

not a dirtbag, but...

LOLLIE: cute girl. softspoken, but when the dirtbagz are around, she always feels heard and respected