i'm jester!!!

i'm a sixteen year old autistic dude with a recently-discovered special interest of the old web && neocities sites! i started working on this site on december 29, 2021 and hope to continue working on it for years to come!

the lil guy on the left is a doll i made on [link] to look like me!

i'm alternative, i'd say my style is kinda punk but i'm kind of a mix of punk, goth, and emo... i also had a big scene phase in late 2020-mid 2021... >m< i listen to a wide variety of music, but some of my favorite artists are pierce the veil, dazey and the scouts, molchat doma, hot freaks, sarah and the safeword, yung gravy, lovejoy, the garden, ewy, christian death, and insane clown posse.